A Simple Thailand Bag Packing List

The land of Smiles has it all: vibrant culture, delicious food, affordable price, year-round warmth, beaches, jungles and mountains. The only thing he doesn’t have is snow, thank God!

If you’re like me, Thailand is attractive for a multitude of reasons, including, but not limited to, the lack of winter. This makes packing much easier and much lighter!

Most of what you will take with you to Thailand will be light and easy to roll up and store in a compression bag. This means that you can take more things and take up less space.

The Ideal Packing List in Thailand:

  • 4-5 tank tops or light shirts
  • 1-2 light shirts with sleeves for the temples
  • 2-3 dresses-two long and one short (I bought all mine at ASOS)
  • 2 pairs of light cotton pants-buy them at the markets!
  • 2 pairs of shorts, at least one with buttoned or zipped pockets (easy to carry money and a key on a night out)
  • 1 silk scarf to cover the shoulders (buy there)
  • 1 lightweight raincoat
  • 1 polar fleece (if you are traveling north in winter or hiking. It’s cold!)
  • 1 pair of running shoes
  • 1 pair of pretty sandals

About Jackets

You’d be surprised if I put a fleece on it. Before you put one in your bag, think about where and when you will visit Thailand. I learned the hard way during a retreat near Chiang Rai in January, in the mountains of the far north of Thailand, that the weather can actually be quite cold at high altitudes during the winter months! But if you stick to the south, like Bangkok and the islands, leave the fleece at home.

The raincoat, on the other hand, is useful no matter where you go in the country. The rainy season in Thailand lasts from June to October, but this does not mean that this is the only time it rains. It’s a tropical jungle, so if you want to stay dry, bring a raincoat! Make sure it is breathable and light, because it will also be hot!

Toiletries and other supplies

I usually bring just enough shampoo and conditioner to fill a 100ml/3oz bottle and refill it on the go. You can find 7-11’s everywhere and almost all of them sell Pantene and dove. You will also find Nivea, so you can fill lotions and also buy deodorant – just check that it is not the kind intended to whiten your skin, which is unfortunately very popular in Thailand.

But I usually apply my own facial cleanser and facial moisturizer with SPF-two things that are close to my heart. I also advise you to bring enough razors because Venus is not something I have seen much there, and the same goes for menstrual cups, although tampons are a bit easy to find.

I also find that some electronic devices are essential as a digital nomad, although I realize that not everyone is in the same boat. If you’re curious, here’s a list of my favorite camera gear and e-bags.


In general, Thais tend to dress a little more on the conservative side. While it’s okay to wear tank tops and shorts, consider leaving crop tops and booty shorts at home.

The only time when it is necessary and essential to cover yourself is during sleep, when the shoulders and knees must be completely covered to enter. This is the motivation behind adding cute long dresses to the list, as well as buying light trousers in Thailand – you can be covered without overheating.

Travel insurance

I recommend traveling with insurance. Yes, Thailand is usually inexpensive, but insurance is useful in matter the worst happens and you have to go home.

There are also insurance options to cover activities such as diving and hiking, two things that people often do when traveling to Thailand. The World Nomads explorer option is the one I use and recommend.

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