Eight Places in Asia for Solo Female Travelers

As a solo traveler myself, I tend to look for destinations that have a welcoming atmosphere, lots of things to do and safe places to find solitude in nature. Fortunately, Asia is full of places that tick these boxes, each with its own variety of activities, natural wonders and delicious cuisine.

In general, most Asian countries are freely accessible to single women travelers. Even those who have occasional political unrest (for example, the coup in Thailand) remain relatively safe from tourists.

From the green mountains of Kyrgyzstan to the secret islands of Indonesia, this list contains the best countries in Asia for solo travelers:

1. Japan
According to the World Peace Index, Japan is the ninth most peaceful country in the world. This is one of the many reasons why this island nation is ideal for solo female travelers. Not only is it an exceptionally safe place, but Japan has a worldwide reputation for its comforting hospitality. The locals are usually friendly to foreigners, even if you don’t speak Japanese. Be sure to download a translation app to help you overcome the language barrier.

With everything from technicolor cities like Tokyo and Kyoto to the paradise island of Niijima, Japan offers a wide variety of landscapes and attractions. Its unique culture has been impressively preserved over the centuries, making it an intriguing destination to explore for any curious solo traveler. No wonder this is one of the best places to travel solo for the first time!

2. Thailand

Thailand is an absolute dream for adventurous solo travelers, especially those who are open to making friends on the road. As a top hiking destination, it is one of the easiest countries to get around and receives the most international visitors of any other Southeast Asian country. Although scams are common in Thailand, they are still safe for solo travelers and the locals are generally welcoming and friendly. After all, Thailand’s nickname is “the land of smiles.”

Thailand also has a reputation for being a party place, but there is so much more to this excellent country than that. From the lush jungles of the north to the pristine beaches of the south, the biggest challenge might be deciding how to spend time because there really is a lot to do.

3. Taiwan

Taiwan is an often overlooked travel destination, but one that is definitely worth mentioning. Not only does it have a lively food scene and a rich culture, but it is also one of the safest countries in Asia to travel alone as a woman. Since Taiwan hasn’t hit as many travel radars as other destinations in Asia, it may be harder to think outside the box for those who don’t speak the language, as far fewer locals speak English outside the big cities.

A great way to see more of the country is to book a five-day tour that takes you to some of the island’s best natural wonders. Tours like these are ideal for solo travelers, as they relieve the pressure of organizing transportation and give you the chance to meet other travelers through a shared experience.

4. Vietnam

Until less than a decade ago, Vietnam may not have been the best destination for solo female travelers, especially those who are alone for the first time. Especially in big cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, heavy car traffic and overwhelming crowds can be intimidating. However, Vietnam is a fascinating country that is constantly changing and adapting to tourism, so it has become an ideal place for all types of travelers, including solo women.

Whether you’re heading to Sapa to browse rice terraces and meet hill tribes or you’re looking for the natural wonders of Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, there’s plenty to do. Read Vietnam’s safety tips before you go and enjoy eating across the country that makes foodies’ hearts sing.

5. Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan is a foreigner’s dream come true. Often called “the Patagonia of Central Asia”, this mountainous country has been nicknamed for its rugged landscapes, but it retains its own identity. It is the closest country to Europe on this list, and its picturesque landscape has a landscape that rivals the Alps.

As a sparsely populated country with relatively low crime rates, solo female travelers will find Kyrgyzstan safe and accommodating. Being a breathtaking trekking destination, it is the perfect Asian destination to get some solitude and connect with nature. If that’s ok with you, this trekking guide is a great place to start planning your trip.

6. Indonesia

I don’t have to tell you that Bali is one of the most beautiful places in the world, because chances are that you have already drooled over the photos on social networks or that you have been there yourself. However, there is much more to discover in Indonesia and many places that are as beautiful without being overshadowed as Bali. In fact, the Nusa Islands are only a short boat ride from Bali, and some travelers claim that they are what Bali was 30 years ago.

So, what does Indonesia look like for solo female travelers? The truth is that the culture and the social landscape change enormously from one island to another. Overall, it’s a great destination for solo female travelers because of everything there is to do there, as well as the plethora of other travelers to meet along the way.

Keep in mind that in most of Indonesia (Bali is an exception), women are supposed to cover their shoulders, knees and heads in certain places. If you don’t, you will become a target for crime, and sticking to modesty is a sign of respect in Indonesia. Chat calls and scams are common in some parts of the country, especially in big cities, so be aware of your surroundings and trust your instincts.

7. Korea

South Korea is an awesome destination for solo female travelers because of its safety and open-mindedness about culture. There is also a lot to do in South Korea; some travelers even stick to Seoul because it is such a big city with endless activities.

Beyond the busy streets of Seoul and Busan, you will find that South Korea is also full of natural beauty. Take Jeju Island, for example, where you can go hiking, and horseback riding and enjoy an incredible view of the sea.

From the mouth-watering cuisine to the eclectic mix of modern and ancient architecture, South Korea is definitely not a destination to ignore.

8. Singapore

As one of the smallest, cleanest, and best-organized countries in Asia, Singapore is a great place for solo female travelers who love the good things in life. It’s usually more expensive, but if you’re spending money, go for it! If you are on a budget, there are definitely ways to make Singapore work for you as well.

The stunning modern architecture and cosmopolitan atmosphere of Singapore is what attract many travelers, as well as the general aspect of security, which makes it an ideal place for solo women.

However, there is more to do here than just exploring the city. Head to the southern Islands to explore Singapore’s beaches or spend a day hiking in the lush jungle of Pulau Ubin. No matter how you decide to tackle Singapore, you will surely find plenty to keep you busy.

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